Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Add a little POP to your pout

Being the make-up junkie that I am, I have always had a thing for vibrant lips. Although I don't consistently have the guts to sport outrageously intense and bizarre lip colors, I still get my lipstick fix with subdued reds, dusty roses and peachy tones.  Adding color to your lips can be the key to brightening up both your face and your outfit. Bright lip tones can be that extra little 'oompf' needed to compliment a predominantly neutral outfit, without being gaudy and over the top. The lip color of your choice can also help bring out the natural shades of your eyes. But enough with the practical reasons behind applying color to your lips. Let's be real, sometimes we just want to feel like the spunky Marilyn Monroe. So come on girls, let your inner pin up girl out.

and for all you daring souls...