Sunday, November 25, 2012

Empire State of Mind
As I was listening to Pandora, windows down - sun roof open, on the way home from school, "Empire State of Mind" began to seep through my pulsating car speakers. Cheesy, I admit, but this song inspired me to write an ode to one of my all time favorite vacay spots: NYC.

 Ode to NYC
             Blinding bright lights, larger than life dreams, ear piercing taxi horns, 
Broadway musicals, one of a kind fashion, abundant creativity, massive skyscrapers…
all of these things come to mind when I hear the words, “New York City,” 
but New York City is so much more than all of these common clich├ęs.  
New York City is the medium through which dreams are actually reached 
and one of my favorite places to roam.